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Chairman's Inaugural Address
KODAIRA Nobuyori
KODAIRA Nobuyori
President's Message

Welcome to the JCCME website:

My name is MIYANAGA Shunichi and I have just been inaugurated as the 9th Chairman of the Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME).

I pledge to do my utmost to promote the further development of the relationships between Japan and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) which have been steadily built through the tremendous efforts of everyone involved. In these endeavors, I ask for your continuing cooperation and support.

As you are aware, now that ten years have passed since the turmoil of the Arab Spring, the MENA countries are facing various challenges amid major structural changes with a heightened sense of uncertainty about the future, particularly from the geopolitical perspective.

In addition to social mobility and the uncertain outlook for oil prices, combined with the damage to economies and resource exports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the longstanding issues of “economic diversification”, “social infrastructure development”, and “human resource development and employment creation for the increasing numbers of young people” have become even more important.

At the same time, with population growth and social change, we have come to recognize new challenges such as food security, education, and medical and health care.

Furthermore, as the world has taken major steps in recent years toward carbon neutrality to counteract climate change, initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, such as the introduction of renewable energy and green hydrogen and ammonia development, have become new and urgent issues for the MENA countries.

Amidst all these changes, the MENA countries continue to be important providers of resources for Japan.

I believe that investment by Japanese companies that can solve the wide-ranging problems of the highly important MENA countries and enable them to respond to change is not only a business opportunity for the companies of Japan and these countries, but also has great significance in contributing to the public security and development of the MENA countries.

JCCME has worked diligently to build multilayered relationships with the MENA countries. We have, however, come to a point where we should once again consider the meaning of “multilayered.”

For the upcoming 50th anniversary of JCCME, we remain deeply grateful for the tremendous efforts of the many people who have worked tirelessly for and together with JCCME to strengthen the relationship between the MENA countries and Japan. At the same time, we will closely watch and respond to the new changes that will occur over the next 50 years. In order to further play our role as a catalyst between the MENA countries and Japan, and between the public and private sectors, JCCME will fulfill its daily responsibilities with a renewed determination.

In these endeavors, I sincerely ask for your continuing support and guidance.

Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East
November 2021


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