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New Activities

:Japan-Saudi Arabia Industrial Cooperation Task Force

“Japan-Saudi Arabia Industrial Cooperation Task Force” is a public-private joint project between Saudi Arabia and Japan, and JCCME acts as secretariat. The secretariats of the two countries jointly conduct the following three cooperation activities; promotion of investment to Saudi Arabia, policy building for Saudi small and medium-sized enterprises, and development of human resources. With a view to promoting direct investment and technology transfer to Saudi Arabia, support schemes are offered by the Task Force to Japanese companies. The schemes include “market research or business environment survey,” “pre-feasibility study,” and “Saudi business partner’s plant site visit in Japan.” In September 2008, “Business Support Office” was established in Riyadh. The Japanese companies who are given support by the Task Force can use the Office free of charge as a headquarters for their surveys and studies in Saudi Arabia.

:Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI)

The cooperation activity for “Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI)” is implemented under the support of both government of Japan and Saudi Arabia. With the assistance of Japanese technical colleges and electronics & home appliance manufactures, JCCME provides educational materials and curriculum, and dispatches Japanese experts to SEHAI for three years from the opening of SEHAI. It represents a part of the above mentioned Task Force cooperation activities for human resources development, and stands for a symbol of new cooperative relationship between Japan and Saudi Arabia.

:Iraq-related Activities

“Iraq Desk” was set up at the headquarters of JCCME in February 2009. The Desk is in charge of JCCME activities for Iraq including investment promotion, human resources development, human exchange promotion, international exchange and provision of information. The Japanese companies can obtain various information on Iraq from the Desk.