Chairman Hiroshi Okuda
Hiroaki Nakanishi
President Kazuo Matsunaga
Kazuo Matsunaga

Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME) was founded in October 1973 during the first oil crisis by the joint efforts of the Japanese government and the private sector as a non-profit incorporated foundation authorized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Since its inception, JCCME has engaged in a broad range of activities with the wholehearted support and active cooperation of supporting member companies and organizations, for which we are deeply appreciative.

JCCME continues to provide multifaceted assistance to Japanese companies. Specifically, JCCME promotes direct investment from Japan to the Middle East and North African (MENA) countries by providing information on the investment environment, and facilitating corporate missions to research local conditions critical to business, feasibility studies, and the establishment of joint ventures.

The MENA countries are now undergoing a major geopolitical transformation. Arab Spring movements for democratization in the Arab countries have not gone well. They continue to negatively impact the state of affairs in their neighboring countries and have even destabilized some areas. There are also great concerns over the nuclear issue and peace in the Middle East.
  By contrast, there is considerable stability in oil-producing countries, the Gulf states in particular. As their populations rapidly expand, these countries are hurrying to diversify their oil-dependent economies, absorb the young labor force into other industries, and develop infrastructures that will serve as the cornerstone for new business development.
  Saudi Arabia, for example, allocated 4.4 billion dollars from its 2014 budget to power generation and seawater desalination projects. On top of that, delegates at the 38th Japan Cooperation Forum for the Middle East held in Dubai in 2013 announced that the demand for infrastructure would reach 4.3 trillion dollars by 2020 in the MENA countries, where the market for a broad range of infrastructure systems including energy, water, and transportation rivals that of the Southeast Asian nations.

It is the wish of JCCME to contribute to building multilayered, solid relationships with the countries of the MENA region by matching the fertile technologies, know-how, capabilities, human resources, and facilities of Japanese business enterprises, which serve as bridges between the public and private sectors, with the great needs of these countries for economic diversification and infrastructure systems, based on a sound perception of those needs and due consideration to the political stability of each country.

In April 2013, JCCME was re-registered as a general incorporated foundation. We pledge to increase our efforts to provide supporting members with a substantial range of services.

We are grateful to all of you for your continuing support of JCCME.