Chairman Hiroshi Okuda
Hiroaki Nakanishi
President Nobuyori Kodaira
Nobuyori Kodaira

Welcome to the JCCME website:

Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME) was founded in October 1973 in the midst of the first oil crisis, by the joint efforts of the public and private sectors of Japan, as a non-profit incorporated foundation authorized by the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

At the time of the establishment of JCCME, there was a passionate conviction by the then leaders from the business community that it would become more significant for Japan to build a favorable and multifaceted cooperative relationship with oil producing countries in the Middle East as an important source of energy supply to Japan, with an aim to secure stable economic development and guarantee an affluent life, as Japan has few domestic energy resources, most of which relies on imports from overseas.

Inheriting the said conviction for around half a century, JCCME has been working on the development of a multi-layered relationship that does not limited to the stable supply of energy resources to Japan alone, mainly focusing on the promotion of the trade and investment and the support of human resource development in the Middle East and North African (MENA) countries. To date, JCCME has been engaged in a broad range of support activities by providing a number of Japanese companies/organizations with information on investment environment, dispatched/received investment promotion missions, conducted feasibility studies, and offered a number of training opportunities, technical transfer and human resource development.

Currently, it seems that geopolitical risks in the MENA countries have been increasing significantly, due to withdrawal by USA from JCPOA (Iran nuclear deal) and re-imposition of crippling economic sanctions on Iran, confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and endless conflict situation in Syria. On the other hand, in the MENA countries where a total of approximately 600 million population are breathed, the proportion of young people is generally high, and there is a huge demand for infrastructure systems critical to the economic growth and job creation. Among others, oil producing counties that strives hard for “economic diversification” as set one of the national goals have been expressed much expectations for Japan’s cooperation.

In order to meet such expectations from the MENA countries, it becomes more and more important to contribute to the stability of the region through the Japan’s cooperation toward the realization of economic diversification and growth, building a solid relationship as well. On the basis of the support activities over the past decades, JCCME will make all out endeavors to conduct the following three (3) vital missions successfully so as to contribute toward (a) promotion of the investment that serves to economic diversification, (b) support for the facilitation of "high quality infrastructure system" to be the basis of economic growth and (c) human resource development, in the MENA countries.

We are more determined than ever to work on as a catalyst between public and private sectors of the MENA countries and Japan to achieve the above missions.

Your continued support would be highly appreciated.
With our best regards,