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Human Resource Development and Human Interaction Promotion

●Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI)

The cooperation activity for “Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI)” is implemented under the support of both government of Japan and Saudi Arabia. With the assistance of Japanese technical colleges and electronics & home appliance manufactures, JCCME provides educational materials and curriculum, and dispatches Japanese experts to SEHAI for three years from the opening of SEHAI. It represents a part of the above mentioned Task Force cooperation activities for human resources development, and stands for a symbol of new cooperative relationship between Japan and Saudi Arabia.

●Exchanges of Investment Promotion Missions (Dispatching and Inbound Training)

*KAIZEN Seminar
In order to introduce KAIZEN’s Japanese production management method, JCCME holds seminars several times a year under the co-sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in each of the countries of the Middle East.
*Acceptance of Trainees
JCCME accepts trainees from the Middle East countries who are involved in investment promotion activities, and arranges training programs for them. The trainees will acquire Japan’s know-how of productivity improvement and environment management through the programs. Such activities of JCCME are indirect support to the promotion of technical transfer from Japan to the Middle East countries.
*Environmental Training
JCCME invites peoples from the Middle East who deal with environmental issues, and gives them a training course for environment-related issues such as pollution, sewage system, water leakage and treatment, etc.