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New Activities

:Business Environment Surveys in the Middle East and the North Africa

JCCME sends small missions of its staff and external experts to selected Middle East countries for research on themes of great interest to Japanese enterprises, such as natural resources, manpower, infrastructure, industrialization policies, investment climate, tax systems and financial conditions, or on the general economic situation and trends of a particular country. The study reports are distributed to JCCME member companies and organizations concerned.

:Issue of Public Relations Magazine and Civil Information

Public Relations Magazines “JCCME NEWS” distributed to JCCME member enterprises offer information on business promotions such as investment in the Middle East oil producing countries and information related to investment in environmental projects. They also insert the analysis and comments concerning politics, economy, society, culture, etc. in the Middle East, and the reports of JCCME’s various activities.

:Information Monitoring

Developments in the Middle East reported in the Japanese and foreign newspapers and periodicals are constantly monitored and classified by JCCME staff, for ready reference by people concerned.