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International Exchange and Information Service Activities

●Japan Cooperation Forum for the Middle East

The conference has been held abroad every year since 1976, with the participation of top Japanese business leaders and intellectuals, high-ranking Japanese government officials and Japanese business representatives residing in the region. It offers an opportunity to discuss how to establish the cooperative relationship between Japan and the countries of the Middle East.
The results of the conference are submitted to the Japanese Prime Minister and relevant Ministers in the form of recommendation, so that our views can be reflected in the Government’s policy planning related to the Middle East region.

●Investment Promotion Forum

JCCME organizes “Investment Promotion Forum” in Japan every year, with the participation of speakers from the Middle East countries. It enables Japanese enterprises to obtain the latest information on investment climate of each country such as incentives and related laws.
In addition, JCCME sponsors seminars and exhibitions for each of those countries as required in order to enhance technology transfer and direct investment from Japan.

●Bilateral Dialogues

JCCME enhances cooperative relations and exchanges with certain specific Middle East countries by holding a dialogue on the private-sector level.
The Japanese-Saudi Arabian Businessmen’s Dialogue and the Japanese-Kuwaiti Businessmen’s Dialogue have been held on annual basis since 1987 and 1995, respectively. The former Dialogue was reorganized in 1999 under the name of “Japan-Saudi Business Council.”
Similar bilateral meetings with other nations are held on occasions where Japan’s missions to the Middle East are dispatched or key figures from such countries visit Japan.

●Cooperation Committee on Water Resources in the Middle East

JCCME extends support to Japanese enterprises that intend to transfer their state-of-the-art technology on sea water desalination, preservation of water quality and recycling of treated sewage to water-scarce Middle East countries, and assists to promote their direct investment in water-related businesses carried out by local private enterprises in the region. JCCME established “Water Desk” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in March 2005 in order to enhance water-related businesses.

●Intensive Course on the Middle East

JCCME annually sponsors an intensive course for Japanese leading businessmen of JCCME member companies and others, who are engaged in the Middle East related businesses. Japanese experts on the Middle East issues and those who have experience of dealings in the Middle East region give lectures on subjects such as politics, economy, energy, culture and business examples in the Middle East.

●Public Relations Magazine

JCCME deliver monthly E-Magazine “JCCME News” featuring articles on politics, economy, finance, culture, diplomatic relations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions to the people who registered. It is also available on our website. Language is currently in Japanese only.

●New Service

JCCME disseminate media news summary about Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Iran and Turkey respectively. It is delivered by email on a weekly base. Language is currently in Japanese only.