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Investment Promotion Activities

In response to the increasing demand by the Middle East countries for direct investment and technical transfer by Japanese firms, JCCME conducts the following promotional and support activities.

●Market Surveys

In view of difficulties in obtaining latest investment-related information on the MENA countries, JCCME supports a Japanese firm to conduct a market survey and provides relevant information on industries considered as investment targets.

●Exchanges of Investment Promotion Missions (Dispatching and Reception)

JCCME endeavors to promote Japan’s investment and joint venture projects through missions sent to the MENA countries. The missions are comprised of business people from Japanese enterprises that are interested in investments, hold meetings with leading figures in business entities, governments, and the chambers of commerce and industry in the region.
Furthermore, JCCME receives business missions from the MENA countries in order to improve their understanding of the status quo of Japanese industries.

●Feasibility Studies

JCCME supports a Japanese firm to conduct a feasibility study on potential joint venture project with a company in the MENA for investment. The study covers various issues ranging from market conditions, construction and operational costs for production facilities and profitability to legal, technical and financial matters.

●Technical Guidances

When a joint venture has already been established or is certain to be implemented, JCCME sends Japanese experts to the country concerned. This aims to provide professional guidance regarding the technology and management required for establishing and operating a successful joint venture.

●Research and Advisory Activities

JCCME carries out research on the investment environment and market condition in the MENA countries through the below-mentioned investment promotion offices, while exploring investment opportunities and providing Japanese companies with information on potential investment projects. In addition, JCCME dispatches investment specialists to the MENA countries with a view to offering information on Japanese companies’ investment needs to business people in those countries as well as giving advice on potential investment projects to Japanese companies based there.

●Investment Promotion Exhibition

JCCME hosts exhibitions on products and technology of Japanese enterprises to increase understanding and interest of the MENA countries on Japanese technologies, while aiming at the business enhancement of Japanese enterprises in the MENA countries.

●Business Environment Surveys in the Middle East and the North Africa

JCCME sends small missions of its staff and external experts to selected Middle East countries for research on themes of great interest to Japanese enterprises, such as natural resources, manpower, infrastructure, industrialization policies, investment climate, tax systems and financial conditions, or on the general economic situation and trends of a particular country. The study reports are distributed to JCCME member companies and organizations concerned.