Profile of JCCME


Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME)

:Date of Foundation

October 20, 1973


The objective of JCCME is to contribute to promotion of Japan’s cooperation in the areas of trade and investment for the furtherance of industrial and economic development in countries in the MENA region.
  Note: JCCME is active in 22 countries from Western Asia to North Africa, as shown below.

:Board of Councilors

11 members

:Board of Directors

  Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi Chairman of the Board and Representative Executive Officer, Hitachi, Ltd.
  President Kazuo Matsunaga Former Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
  Representative Executive Director Seiji Hirota
  Managing Director Yutaka Inoue
  Other Directors 7
  Auditor Hirofumi Hagihira Executive Director, Japan Petroleum Development Association
  Eiichi Yoshikawa Member of the Board of Directors, Deputy President MUFG Bank, LTD


Representative Executive Director/1
Managing Director (and Chief of the Secretariat)/1
Staff /Approx. 40 members

:Overseas Network・Japan Desk

■ JCCME Saudi Arabia Office
■ Japan Water Desk (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
■ Japan Investment Desk (Damman, Saudi Arabia)
■ UAE Japan Desk (Abu Dhabi)
■ Iraq Representative Office (Baghdad)
■ Tehran Office (Tehran, Iran)

:Operational Budget

The greater part of the budget to finance the activities undertaken by JCCME is provided by the Ministry of Economy.