February/March 2014
– Contents –
*Activities during December 2013/January 2014
*Visit of Saudi National Water Company Mission to Japan
*Saudi Water & Power Forum 2013
*The 3rd Japan−Arab Economic Forum
*Kingdom of Morocco Investment Seminar
*Water Mission to UAE and Saudi Arabia
*The 8th Iraq Business Seminar
*The 2nd Iraq Water Mission
*Inspection Mission to UAE and Turkey
*Saudi Youth:  The latest update from a Saudi leading university (Al Faisal University)
Yuji Satoh, Senior Coordinator JCCME, SEHAI Project Team
*Abu Dhabi Economy with a Bright Future
Yoshiki Hatanaka
International Development Center of Japan
*Oil Production and Related Issues in the Middle Eastern Countries
Reiji Takeishi
Tokyo International University
*Legal and Judicial Systems of Countries in the Middle East
Tamiyuki Tanaka
Attorney at law
Integral Law Office
*Saudi Arabia’s 2014 Budget and its Remaining Challenges for the Future
Sakura Sakakibara
IRIS Research Institute of Trade & Industry
*The Middle East − History of Caravan and Travel
Osamu Miyata
Center for Contemporary Islamic Studies in Japan
*Egypt and Tunisia: Comparative Analysis of Diverging Constitutional Processes
Satoshi Ikeuchi
Associate Professor
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo
*Expanding Higher Education in Saudi Arabia and Visions of the Women’s Lifestyle
Namie Tsujigami
Project Associate Professor
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
*The US, Russia, Syria and Geneva; The Abu Dhabi Nuclear Program; The Question of Shale
Halper and Associates
*Saudi Positions: policy and paranoia
Halper and Associates
*The US, the Indian Ocean Region, and the Gulf
Halper and Associates
*Regional Resistance to the Prospect of US-Iranian Realignment and the “Sanctions Barrier” to Diplomatic Progress
Strategic Energy and Global Analysis, LLC
*The Iranian Nuclear Deal
Strategic Energy and Global Analysis, LLC
*Fallout from the Interim Nuclear Deal and Iran Engages Its Neighbors
Strategic Energy and Global Analysis, LLC